Sunday, September 20, 2015


The other day, I observed something really precious - "Barktember," which is an annual September dog event where dog owners can bring their four-legged friends to the waterpark for a dip in the pool. As many of my readers already know, dog lovin' is something quite new to me. Our daughter Ashleigh invited me to join her and her dog Tangerine at the event.

There were dogs with and without leashes everywhere. The place was fenced in so it was a nice opportunity for doggy parents to relax and watch their doggies make new friends. It reminded me of the playgroups to which I took my kids when they were little, well, kind of...

It was interesting to see how dogs took to water. Tangerine wasn't so crazy about it.

But she did eventually get her feet wet!

Enough already!

She enjoyed running around, making new friends...

and the tasty treats the vendors provided for them.

I love it when she gets up on her hind legs.

Tangerine makes us all so happy!

Tangerine & Ashleigh

Can't imagine life without her.

If you missed Barktember this year, be sure to look for it next year!


  1. Barktember sounds like fun!

    I doubt my dog would like the water - he hates the bath

  2. Patty, Dog make me think of children some times and some times they can be grumpy old men. lol... Tangerine looks best running with friends. She has pretty markings. xoxo,Susie

  3. Tangerine is so pretty and sweet!!! What a great mommy she has to take her out to have a great all to herself!!! Loves are so loving!!!

  4. Oh so much fun! Dogs are amazing and to watch them interreact with each other isn't much different than kids! I know you loved it, you are becoming such a dog person....Samson says hi and to come back soon...woof!

  5. Hello from Spain: fabulous event with dogs. Very interesting and fun. I have no dog but we love the animals. Keep in touch

  6. How sweet. She looked like she was rather unsure about the wet stuff. But making new friends is all kinds of fun. My girlfriend in Louisiana takes her Corgi to doggy day meetups. :) Have a great week.

  7. This looks so much fun, and not just for the dogs! Wish we had something like that here!

  8. How fun! Our local public pool allows dogs on the final day before the pool is drained. We've never gone because our Bassets tend to sink rather than swim, but I'm so tempted every year to go observe the festivities. Maybe next year!


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