Monday, September 28, 2015

September Happy List

I have to quickly get in my September happy list before the month is over! It creeps up so fast! First up, I have to say how lovely the weather has been here in Indiana. The other evening when Dan was away on business, I drove over to my friend Anita's house and we walked to a new pizza restaurant and then to the ice cream shop. She lives just outside of our adorable town square and I love the fact that she can walk everywhere. Our town square (Noblesville, Indiana) has remained quaint, and there is always something going on! It was a beautiful evening and the air was cool and just perfect!

This brings me to my second happy thing for my list. I mentioned that there is always something going on in Noblesville - well Noblesville Preservation Alliance (NPA) held it's annual home tour. There were 8 historic homes on the tour and I volunteered as a docent at one of them for a few hours on the day of the tour. 

Since my very talented friend Anita was in charge of the home tour, I helped her by creating die cuts with my electronic cutting machine. One of her projects was signs for a kids' scavenger hunt that was going on during the tour. She wanted to make the sign align with the NPA logo. I cut green words and black wrought iron fences out of cardstock. For the delicious cupcakes she made, I cut little NPA logos to attach to toothpicks to insert into them. It was a really fun event! For more information about the NPA, you can click here.

September is always a big month for us as we celebrate our anniversary as well as our wonderful son's birthday! Dan was all the way over in China on our special day, but he remembered to have lovely flowers delivered to me that morning. Originally the flowers were in a tall vase. After a few days, I snipped the ends and rearranged them in this round vase. 

I attended a neat planner session with my friend Rose that was held at Palette & Paper in Indianapolis. It was really inspirational and we received all of the items below just for attending. I hadn't had a planner since I retired from nursing two years ago and this event helped me to get back into it. 

We learned about many of the different planners that are available as we shared what we use and how we use them. At the end, we put all of our planners together for a photo. Palette & Paper offers super cool classes. You can learn more about them here

Our daughter, Ashleigh, made this charcoal drawing of our adorable niece for my SIL. Ashleigh continues to amaze us with her work.

Ashleigh Antle Art

And I have to conclude with saying how happy my grand dog, Tangerine, makes me. I brought this purply pink toy to her and spent an afternoon. We took a nice long walk around the lake, played in the backyard, and enjoyed the screened-in porch. She enjoyed the toy and it remained intact...until right before I left to go home. I should have taken a picture of little pieces of stuffing all over the living room floor!

I take treats to her in a bag. She likes to pull the gift out of the bag. It's so cute when her nose gets stuck in the bag. 

What is on your September happy list?


  1. Hello from Spain: you and your daughter make beautiful creations. I love meeting the photos in your city. Keep in touch

  2. That's my dream. To live in a quaint town where I can walk everywhere. Sounds like you had lots of September fun. Your daughter's sketch is beautiful! :)

  3. Patty, You have some wonderful memories for September. Your daughter has a great talent. I love the drawing of her niece. I love the way Noblesville looks. Just went through on our way to the hospital to see my brother. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. You "happy" made me happy! Happy anniversary!!!
    Your daughter is so talented...beautiful drawing!!! I hear planners are all the rage. I haven't kept a calendar since I retire, but I'm thinking a planner would be like a form of journaling. I can't wait to see what you do!
    Aren't dogs the best!!! Ours bring so much joy to us!!!

  5. I love all of your happy list! Your little town is wonderful and I wish I lived closer to Palette and Paper to take all those neat classes. You know journaling is my very favorite, I noticed they had the Bible journaling classes there. Tango is so cute and they are like little kids when they get things in a paper bag! I love seeing their little excited faces!! See you soon my friend!


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