Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Happy List

I am really enjoying the geraniums that have been on our front porch since June. They continue to grow and look beautiful. I keep thinking I should plant some fall mums, but why upset the apple cart? We have had a mild fall in Indiana. 


My friend Karen and I attended a couple of holiday classes at Palette & Paper that were taught by Beth Kingston. Have you heard of Kingston Crafts? That's Beth, who is often seen on Home Shopping Network demonstrating how to use the Xyron sticker maker machines. She also represents Cricut electronic cutting machines. The classes we took were "Cricut Card Class" and "A Very Pinterest Christmas."

Top photo, left: me, Beth & Karen; Top right: October calendar on the wall at P&P made from scrapbooking pages; Bottom right: sample wreath for the Pinterest class; Bottom left: two of the cards I made during the Cricut card class.  

Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts teaching our Pinterest Christmas class

Palette & Paper, an independent paper art store in Indianapolis, is the neatest place! It's an old bungalow house turned into a shop. If you ever go there, be sure to look closely at the kitchen table. It looks like it has been given a shabby paint treatment, then pieces of reproduction ephemera were placed on top of the painted surface followed by a piece of clear glass which covers the table top for protection. I could gaze at it all day, like the lady in the photo below.

I wanted to show you this piece (below) displayed in the shop that is from a mixed media class that was offered in August. I was sorry that I missed this class that was taught by Finnabair.


Dan took these photos of baby pandas during his recent China trip at the Chengdu Panda Park. Don't you want to just pick one up and cuddle?


And finally, it seems I often complete my happy list with something about my grand dog, Tangerine. I suppose it's because she makes me so happy! I brought her a Halloween scarf to wear during our fall walks. I tried to get her to smile for the camera, but she was too busy hunting for bugs, birds and squirrels.

My next couple of blog posts will be about my girls' trip to Atlanta! There is so much to share and I cannot wait to tell you about it! Here's a sneak peak:

Halloween scene from the Earth Angels Studios tent at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta

Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!


  1. How fun!!! I love your Christmas cards!!! The baby Pandas are adorable. I could take care of them all day long and just cuddle them up!!!
    Tangerine is such a lucky girl and she's rocking her new Halloween scarf!

    I can't wait to see/read about your Girlz trip to Atlanta!!! Have an amazing time!

  2. Love the cards and the wreath you guys made!!!! Tangerine looks eager to play and looks cool with his scarf! Happy Halloween Patty!

  3. Oh, I am itching to take a craft class to make something new - no local classes are offered around here right now :-( Looking forward to hearing about your trip!!

  4. Patty, what fun for you and your take the class and see a tv star. I wish I could do things like that. Those pandas are just too cute. Your husband must have been thrilled. Your is looking festive. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I really wanted to go to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, but it was during Shanley Belle's birthday. Lots of happy on this post! I like the idea of a Pinterest workshop! :)

  6. oh Patty I just found this!! It makes me so happy!! I had SUCH a great time with you girls - hope to see you again before too long!


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