Sunday, November 1, 2015

Girls Weekend in Atlanta - Part 1 - Country Living Fair

I just returned from a fabulous four days in Atlanta, Georgia, with my Southern friends Becky, Missy and Julie. We all met and became instant friends exactly two years ago at an art event called Sweethearts On the Homefront hosted by Rosalyn Sue (I blogged about it here.) During that weekend in 2013, we attended the Country Living Fair at the Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park is a gorgeous place to be. You can see the mountain in the distance from the entrance to where the Country Living Fair was held.

This time, Rosalyn Sue's event was called Faith On the Homefront which was held at Nieman Marcus in the Lenox Square mall. The day before the event, we once again attended the Country Living Fair. Both times Rosalyn Sue gave each of us a goodie bag for the fair, but this time, she included a scavenger hunt in which one lucky gal would win a prize! 

Me, Missy & Becky standing in front of the pumpkin pyramid. The Country Living mound of pumpkins and gourds provided a nice landmark to meet up during the day.  I remember it being very cold back in 2013 but this time it was sweltering hot!

I immediately got busy with the scavenger hunt so that I could then shop to my heart's content. We were instructed to take photos of 12 items on the list that Rosalyn Sue provided, things like vintage silverware, linens, and the hearth in The Pavilion. Then we were to text the photos to her as soon as possible. Here are some of my photos that I sent. I'll let you know who won the scavenger hunt in my next blog post that will be about our Faith on the Homefront classes. Aren't you dying to know?

After I completed my scavenger hunt, I headed over to the Earth Angels Studios tent. Earth Angels is a collection of 40 artists' creations all under one roof. There were MANY fabulous treasures there but I want to highlight Sue Parker's space of pincushions and frozen charlottes. Her use of vintage objects and attention to detail is amazing. Aren't these yellow pincushions cheerful?!

I purchased a pair of earrings like the ones below with little charlotte heads on them.

I also took this shadowbox home with me. I was concerned about getting it home intact. It made it safely through the travels and onto my kitchen shelf.

I was so excited when I saw that Sue Parker was the cashier and waited on me while I made my purchase! She let me take this photo of her for my blog post.

Sue Parker, artist

I also like how Sue makes little scenes on Altoid tin boxes.

Next time, I've got to take a pin cushion home with me but it's so hard to choose because I love them all!

Here are some other things I saw that intrigued me at the Country Living Fair:

a huge bottle filled with little bottles,

some neat banners,

(Below is the highlight of the upper banner on the right: a cabinet card turned Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.)

(as I was walking past this booth, I heard ladies laughing about the banner above it)

an old printers drawer filled with treasures,

lovely jewelry made by Carrie Bowie Designs,

live entertainment,

a vintage camper called Camp Junie, 

(I attended a seminar with Kelly McCants of Modern June who talked about how she has been renovating this camper and turning it into a sewing studio.)

a globe of buttons, bottle cap with a vintage photo, laced lampshade, Valentine's Day girl,

a lovely shiny vintage purse, 

(Actually I saw two of these at the fair.)

colorful Shiny Brite ornaments,

Ree Drummond of Food Network's Pioneer Woman signing her new book,

and photo props!

Besides shopping at the Country Living Fair, Becky, Missy, Julie and I did all kinds of other fun things too: we exchanged gifts as if it were Christmas; there were cooking demonstrations and a laundry detergent class; several visits to Morellis Gourmet Ice Cream store; and visits to the Beehive and Atlanta Arts Festival at Piedmont Park.

Julie & Nicholas were AMAZING hosts! Besides pot roast and grilled romaine, we had Julie's Dutch baby pancakes.
In my next blog post, I'll share about the amazing time we had at the Faith on the Homefront creative classes and I'll tell you who won the scavenger hunt!

Have you been to a Country Living Fair?


  1. Wow, Patty! I am so jealous! It looks like you gals had a ball---and what eye candy. You must have been on sensory overload by the end of the day....Guess I will have to WAIT to see who won the "treasure hunt"
    Those pin cushions are amazing.
    I have my mother's frozen charlotte and she said it was the only doll she remembered getting as a little girl. I thought that was survived a fire when she was 12 that took their home.
    I would have LOVED to see everything in person...someday I hope to get there! xo Diana

  2. Patty, You are a cover girl , standing there in front of the magazine poster. So cute. What wonderful things you saw...I am sure you are loaded with crafting ideas now. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Wow Patty, what a fun country fair. What beautiful things to look at and thanks for sharing it!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. I have always wanted to go to a Country Living Fair.

    I saw a lot of fun ideas for you to make.

  5. What a great fair, thanks for sharing it. Someday I'm going to get to it! :)

  6. Such great memories we made!! This weekend was perfect! I am so glad we all met up 2 years ago and we have so many more fun years ahead of us!! Great post!

  7. Patty, It was nice to meet you and thanks for all of the wonderful praise! See you at the next Country Living Fair under the Earth Angels' tent!
    :) Sue Parker

  8. Hello from Spain: nice pictures in this exhibition. Great proposals. I see beautiful things and creativity. Keep in touch

  9. Thanks for sharing these pictures of the Country Living Fair, Now I feel a little better that I couldn't go
    The year I went ,well it was wonderful and I wanted so many things


  10. It was a wonderful time and you captured it well💕

  11. Wow!! What beautiful creativity! I would love to get my hands on some of those Charlotte doll creations!


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