Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Happy List

With some trips I took this Fall, I got a little behind in getting ready for Christmas this year. But once I got started, it flowed nicely.

1. My season started with a bus trip I took with my Mom to Michigan. We visited an enormous Christmas store called Bronner's, in Frankenmuth. Bronner's has the most ornaments and decorations I've ever seen in one place. Have you been to Bronner's? If you haven't been there yet, I would highly recommend putting it on your bucket list.

This frosted tree at our hotel was most interesting. At first I didn't see the white furry animals nestled into it, but with a second look, I found several there.

2. I've been visiting antique shops and listening to the vintage music played there. The music brings back fond childhood memories of when our cousins would spend Christmas Eve with us each year. I found this miniature tree at one great shop that has beads for ornaments. I think this would be a fun project to make.

Here are some other antique shop goodies that made me smile.

3. The Graphics Fairy blog continues to offer gorgeous holiday images that I can use in my art. Here are a couple of vintage postcards that caught my eye. Besides these wonderful dogs, other images can be found there.

4. This holiday jewelry makes me happy when I wear it. The earrings were a gift while I was a nurse working at an elementary school, and the poodle necklace was a recent gift from a sweet friend. 

4. It makes me happy to bring out my red wool Christmas purse for a few weeks

5. and listen to Christmas music at home and while driving in the car. Although I soon found that radio stations play great Christmas music, so I stopped listening to my vintage CDs and put them back into the cabinet.

6. Taking photos of lampposts while on a neighborhood walk made me think about the art retreats I have been attending the last couple years. Even though we are making the same project, they all turn out unique and different.

7. I stamped some Christmas card envelopes with holiday images

8. and put up Christmas lights this year (while Dan was on a business trip to surprise him.) Many thanks to Lowe's for the wonderful timers that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

9. It makes me happy to create holiday items. I made these ornaments for our two children who both purchased homes this year. I plan on making more things after this post and if they are interesting, I will share them with you.

10. And finally, this year I decided to use mesh ribbon on my tree. Every year my tree looks different; this time it's mostly gold and red.

After I put the ribbon and ornaments on it, I decided to add some dolls. The top doll on the left was a recent gift from the thoughtful friend who gave me the poodle necklace mentioned above; my Mother gave me Mrs. Santa Claus many years ago; the Barbie is a reproduction of the one I played with as a young girl; we've had the Pinocchio since the kids were small, and the snowman was also a gift I've cherished from the school I mentioned above. 

If this is my last post for the year, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the little dolls you've used. Of course I love seeing the vintage things for Christmas! And what fun to spend time with your Mom. You are both such lovely ladies. I'm going to show some dolls on my blog tomorrow that look a little like yours! Holiday hugs, Diane

  2. You have been one busy lady! Love all the things you showed here including the all the vintage christmas and the the lamp posts! I use mesh almost all the time except for this year too! Hope you holidays continue to be happy patty!

  3. OMG - I have that Barbie with that very same outfit - She is packed away, so this brought back some great memories! Your tree is lovely and I enjoyed seeing what you have been up to and things that make you happy during this season! Merry Christmas!!

  4. You created a lovely Christmas for your family.

  5. Your tree is breath taking! I love everything about your post and what a wonderful feeling for both of your children!


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