Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wedding Wonderland

It's my time to enjoy the experience of planning a wedding with my daughter, Ashleigh.

Photo taken at the Indiana Fairgrounds Bridal Show

Ashleigh and I are having some great bonding time going to bridal shows with her maid of honor, Chelsea. Ashleigh and Chelsea met when they were in kindergarten. Chelsea lived behind our home and the girls have been inseparable since then.

Some of the things we saw at the bridal show.

Shopping for bridal gowns was such a neat experience for me seeing all of those beautiful wedding gowns on hangers and manikins. Ashleigh tried on five dresses. 

When she came out in the first dress, I started crying because I had never seen her in a wedding dress before, well not since she was a young girl.

Ashleigh playing wedding dress up; Ashleigh wearing wedding shoes, snacking with best friend, Chelsea

When Ashleigh tried on those dresses a few weeks ago, they gave her a hand mirror that had white flowers on the back. It was like holding onto a bridal bouquet while looking in the mirror. I loved the idea so much that I ran out to Walmart, found a white mirror and glued flowers from my vintage hat collection onto the back. 

The mirror I made with flowers from vintage hats.

Things were so different when I got married back in 1978. I didn't go to bridal shows and I sewed my wedding gown while I was in my final year of nursing school. Ashleigh decided that after trying on dresses at the bridal shop, she wants to carry on the tradition with me sewing her wedding gown also.

I feel so honored (and nervous) to have been asked to sew her dress. I purchased a dressform in Ashleigh's size and a big bolt of muslin. I want to create the dress first with muslin to make sure we get something she likes before investing in expensive fabric. If she doesn't like it, we can still go out and buy a dress.

I'm so happy that Ashleigh likes vintage things. She wants to use buttons from my collection to make a pretty belt to wear on her special day. I love that idea. There are so many thoughts and ideas going through our heads right now. I keep telling myself that we have plenty of time as the wedding will be held in the Fall. Any mother who has been through this knows exactly what I am talking about.


  1. So many people plan extravagant weddings that don't feel like they have a personal touch at all. Sounds like your daughter is going in the right direction with a meaningful vintage theme. A friend collected old broaches for her daughter's wedding bouquet a couple of years ago. Really turned out so pretty and is something she can keep. Have a good week.

  2. The mirror is a cute idea - enjoy designing the "perfect gown" for your daughter!

  3. Oh, Patty, I'm so happy for your daughter! And for you as you share this time with her. I know it will be a beautiful and special wedding with you two artists at work on it. I think it's a beautiful thing for her to want you to make her dress. I know a lot of love will go into this project.

    It's so nice to read your blog again. I'm finally getting back into blogging, just with a different blog. :-) I'm at

  4. Weddings have changed much bigger productions than they once were.
    It's a nice touch you making the dress it will look wonderful, looking forward to the pictures.

  5. So excited for you and Ashleigh....such a special time! Makes me want a girl. But I will be satisfied getting my boys married off one day! Looking forward to seeing you in May! ♡♡♡

  6. How exciting, planning a wedding! I remember how exciting and busy planning each of my two daughters' weddings was. My fingers were sore from needle and pin pricks when I was done sewing and embellishing their gowns. The mirror you decorated would be beautiful for her to use while getting dressed on her wedding day. It would be wonderful to get some photos of her using it in the dressing room! Enjoy this happy time in your lives!


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