Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Girls' Week in Indiana

In mid May, my Southern friends Becky and Missy came to visit me. We had such a great time - it flew by so quickly. Since we met at an art retreat a couple of years ago, our main focus is always to create some things. We found that we enjoy doing so many other things, we didn't get around to doing much crafting. 

Getting ready for their visit was so exciting. One of the things I did was to bring out my vintage doll house. We are like little girls when we are together.

Flowers brightened the kitchen.

Boxes filled with treasures were placed on each of their beds.

Since Becky loves mermaids, I made a mermaid banner from an old book. It tickled me how much she enjoyed it!

I put all of my treasures and things I had made on display in the old china cabinet for them to enjoy.

Probably the most exciting thing we did was to visit the Cake Bake Shop in Broadripple. If ever you are in Indianapolis, YOU MUST visit the Cake Bake Shop.

It's very pretty inside! And the cake is delicious too!

I took them to my town square and we ate at Rosie's Place. I wasn't being unfriendly in the photo - I put my head to the side so you could see the words on the door. LOL

While we were at the antique shop on the corner, I did a little green scavenger hunt (just because I love green)!

This manikin with the white dress caught my attention because I have Ashleigh's wedding on my mind.

I like the view of the shop behind her. She's upstairs.

One little project we worked on was making these dolls from a clothespin kit. Mine, on the far right looks like a basketball player since I glued her on too high!

The other project we worked on was adding binding to old record album covers to make journals. Both of the girls wanted to learn how to use the Cinch machine so that's what we did. We added charcoal art paper inside. 

front and back of the journal

The second most exciting thing we did was visit two Half Price Book Stores. I gained an appreciation for vintage children's books while there. I also happened to see this Willie Nelson album and was excited to make it into a journal for my friend Rose. Rose and I will be attending a Willie Nelson concert soon. I wanted to give it to her then, but I wasn't able to contain myself and gave it to her right after completion!

The record album sleeve made a nice pouch for her to put her tickets and other mementos in after the concert.

I found this LOVE Story album cover that I will use in Ashleigh's bridal shower.

On the last day we were together having lunch, we wrote down all of the things we did.

Day 1
casino & buffet, exchanged gifts, pizza rolls & snacks

Day 2
made girls, Half Price book store, Vintage Goodwill, Brew Pub, Cake Bake Shop, other casino, ate homemade crock pot veggie soup

Day 3
Rosie's lunch, antique shops, other Half Price book store, Sagamore dinner, Graeters ice cream, record album junk journal, bedtime story Let's Play Firemen illustrated by Ruth Newton, read by Becky

Day 4
smoothie, Goodwill, PO, Logan Village Mall, Copper Still lunch

We weren't lucky at the casinos, but we sure had a great time together and cannot wait to do it again!


  1. We had the best time, of course, we always do when we are together! I treasure our friendships♡ I need to send a picture of my mermaid garland- I hung it over my screened mermaid painting. So perfect! Thank you for all the memories sweet friend ♡

  2. What a fun time with dear friends. Love that you did so many varied things. Sounds like a great time.


  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time! So wonderful to connect with friends. I have some friends who, even if I haven't seen them in years, reconnect like it was yesterday. That's the best thing.

  4. I always enjoy your post Patty, they are filled with love and creativity. It looks like you had a fabulous time. I loved how personal you made their beds. Your album cover journals are a great idea, the Willie Nelson one looks GREAT!

  5. Patty, I am so glad you had such a great time with your friends. Everything you made looks wonderful. I love it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Oh, what fun!

    I don't have any girlfriends who enjoy crafting, but at least my family likes to go out for tea. I'm trying to arrange a visit to the tea shoppe in Orange where you and I went.

  7. Sounds like a weekend filled with fun and friendship! Love your display of your creations!


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