Friday, August 19, 2016

Dan's Trip to Xi'An, Suzhou, and Shanghai, China

I always enjoy the photos my husband, Dan, brings back from his trips to China. This time there were three categories of photos I would like to share with you: the city, the decor and the food.

The City

A model of the ancient city of Xi'An at the entrance to a restaurant in the hotel where Dan stayed.

The next two photos were views out of Dan't hotel window in Suzhou.

The Decor

Coffee bean world map on the wall of a coffee shop in Shanghai.

The next three photos were in the hotel lobby in Xi'An.

Note the little bronze flute player - very cool!

The hotel offers a special suite with a bedroom designed especially for children.

The next two photos were taken at the Marriott Hotel in Suzhou.

special teas in beautiful bird boxes

Beautiful tile in the hotel bathroom. So pretty that I use it as wallpaper on my computer screen.

The Food

The first three photos are of welcome gifts in the hotel rooms.

Xi'An hotel - the yellow macaroon, chocolate wafers with vanilla filling, and green tea flavored cookies

Grapes at the Marriott Hotel - as big as golf balls; a delicious torte was in the cute little straw container

Breakfast at the Marriott Hotel

Seafood restaurant - you choose your meal!

This fish below came out of the tank above; Dan says it was delicious!

Fresh water fish from another seafood restaurant he visited.

Thank you for letting me share Dan's photos with you!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! But NO to the fish on the plate!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing Dan's photos. What a remarkable place!

  3. Steve used to go to China a lot on business, but he never thought to take cool photos for me.

    Have you ever gone with him to China?

  4. Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing ♥

  5. It looks like Dan had a great time! Thank you for sharing Patty.


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