Thursday, February 9, 2017

Completed Circle Journal

Last year I shared with you the circle journal I was working on each month with my friends in my Not Your Ordinary Art Class. Each month we created a page in each other's journal based on the theme each member chose for her journal.

My journal, which has the theme "Green," is now complete.  I wanted to share it with you to possibly offer some ideas in case you would like to do this with your own group. 

The printed and cut cover images of Irish kids came from The Graphics Fairy blog. I've made gift tags, die cuts and greeting cards with these cuties before.

A vintage Vogue 1957 pattern envelope with girls in green dresses graces the inside cover. It's copyright was when I was one year old. My how pattern prices have changed. A similar pattern may cost $15 - $20 today.

An explanation of the book with a sign in sheet is opposite the Vogue pattern.

I created the first two pages scattered with green; a card from a dear friend, old photos and miscellaneous buttons and objects.

The rest of the pages were created by others in my class. Kermit the Frog provided a fantastic green creation for my journal!

Below are lovely pages of green fussy cutting (cutting small pieces of paper with scissors) and layering, a technique on which we spent time during one of our meetings last year.

Green Eggs and Ham, provided a delightful addition to my journal. It makes me think of my grandson who enjoys Dr. Seuss books right now.

Mermaid fins created from sparkly green circles made a beautiful water color splash in my book.

An extraordinary painting with lots of green and yellow was inspired from someone's garden.

One member created various shades of wonderful green paint chips.

Upon opening the chips, printed definitions define what each shade of green represents.

Next is a fabulous collection of green objects.

And finally, Green in Nature, is a gorgeous collage of green textures including paper flowers and tulle. 

I put touches of green on the back cover that include an old piece of wallpaper and a cider label.

This was a very rewarding project. My journal is filled with things I love, created by a group of women I admire and with whom I enjoy spending time.

We will be starting another circle journal this month. I am trying to decide on a theme now.


  1. Patty Your journal is awesome. Your lady friends added some lovely items and lots of thought. I would love to see all the ladies' journals. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love this so much! What a treasure you have. I bet you will have no trouble figuring out your next theme!Love you my friend!

  3. I am SOOOO impressed..this is just adorable.....

  4. Oh, what a lovely journal.

    I remember that you love green when we were paired in a blogging color swap.

    And, I thought of you when I signed up for a French General workshop in March. It's called Dig LA and we are going to the sketchy part of LA to find fabrics, lace, ribbons, etc.

  5. What a NEAT idea. I have never seen anything like this...and to have it filled with things from friends makes it so very special. I would have loved to see ALL the journals, too. Thanks- what a fun idea for a get-together. xo Diana

  6. A gorgeous journal Patty! It must have taken you some time to create this gem. Just lovely.


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