Saturday, April 22, 2017

Plants for the Planet

Once again my local library presented an interesting class, this one in honor of Earth Day. It was called "Plants for the Planet." The library provided all of the materials to make this recycled vase with a Sweet William plant inside.

The materials we used were a heavy piece of cardboard tubing, a tin can, little rocks, glue, an old CD, magazines and a dowel rod.

The magazine papers were cut to the length of the cardboard tube.

We rolled the paper around the dowel rod and glued the edge of the paper to make "straws".

We rolled 38 straws - that took some time! It was fun talking to the other attendees and we exchanged ideas about other classes that are available in the community. Some of the ladies have children in school who shared how busy they were with sports and other activities. It made me reminisce back to the time when our children were younger, and realize how quickly time flies. 

We went to the glue table and adhered the tin can inside the cardboard tube. Then we attached the straws to the outside of the cardboard tube. And finally, we glued the CD to the bottom.

We poured the little rocks into the tin can, added dirt and the Sweet William plant, then tied a ribbon around it.

Another fun class at the library. I'm signed up for more!


  1. I love how you are always excited about learning new things. Your creative spirit is inspiring! (And your project is cute!)

  2. You take the best classes - that is so cute!

  3. Cute idea - looks like it was a fun class!


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