Friday, May 12, 2017

April Art Class

In April, we created some interesting pieces with the Envelope Punch Board.

This is the Envelope Punch Board.

Our leader, Cindy, gave us instructions to make this lined envelope. You can score, punch and round corners with this cool gadget. We also made a paper band with a bow to go around it. It's really neat how it works! There are measurements on the board for just about any size envelope you can think of.

But you can make so much more besides envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board. The camera card was fun to make too.

We made this little box,

an envelope to that holds a chocolate or a gift card,

and this cute little basket for Easter.

 We were very busy punching, scoring and folding all of that paper - it was so much fun!


As I've mentioned before in previous blogposts, we swap our Circle Journals each month and create a page for another member of the group. This is the page I made this month. The owner of the journal loves layered pieces, so I cut a few layers of this Wizard of Oz cardstock and glittered it up to make a page for her. I was in heaven working with all of this yummy green!

I cut out sparkly shoes too.

Here are pages that were created by others in the group.

And finally, isn't this a really cool artist trading card?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Patty, That gadget was most unusual....but helped to make some wonderful items. Love those little one chocolate envelopes. The journal pages are very interesting. I loved them. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. That does look like fun gadget. Love the idea of the journals. I have a little diary that I was getting people to sign every time we'd get together but then I forget I have it so it's not gotten much action. HA!

  3. I need to find some classes - all your projects look like so much fun.


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