Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Art Class

There are always 3 parts to our monthly art class: swapping artist trading cards, sharing the pages we made for a circle journal and making a project.

Here are artist trading cards I received from my friends. Since we made envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board last month, our trading cards reflected what we learned from that. So our trading cards this month were little envelopes with notes inside.


Now for circle journal photos. This is the spread I made that had the theme "Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner?" Tom Jones & Boz Scaggs, of course! LOL

It was so much fun to see all of the creative pages made by the others as we went around the table and did our monthly show-and-tell. All of the journals have themes. This journal has the theme "Zentangle", which is creating structured designs through drawing various patterns. 

This is my journal, which has the theme "what inspires you?" The artist that created the page for me loves making envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board. I must say I made extra little envelopes like this too - I think they will come in handy for gift giving!

I can't remember this theme...

or this one but they are wonderful treasures too.

The theme here is "my favorite things."

This one is "a pocket full of pretty".

This one is also "what inspires you?" This artist is a marvelous painter.

We made two projects this time. The first was this wreath that was supposed to be filled with roses. Mine turned out to be more like zinnias. LOL

Here are two examples showing us how the roses were supposed to look. Hmmm...I tried, but I just couldn't get them right. Our leader, Cindy, made us feel so special with how our wreaths turned out though. I want to make roses like hers.

Cindy's beautiful work

This one has layered roses added for dimension.

Cindy's beautiful work

It was amazing to see how each lovely work of art turned out by the 8 ladies in our group!

We used these markers that are only for watercolor paper. We blended the colors with the water pen below. We used a black artist pen to draw the flowers freehanded.

The other project we made was this really cool book! We used the Envelope Punch Board! I love the front and back cover textured paper.

We punched, scored and folded papers

and attached them together.

We finished the pages off with pretty papers. In-between the pretty papers and book pages is an opening in which to slide special treasures.

We punched a hole and added the elastic band.

These were such fun projects to make!

Another great class via Cindy! As always, I look forward to next month's class!


  1. Patty, I am honestly just blown away..The cards and envelopes. The wreath paintings. I am loving all of those wonderful projects. You are having such great artistic adventures. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love reliving our art-ventures through your blog! You do a wonderful recap!


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