Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dragon Boat Woven Holiday Ornament

Time to brag again about our local library that offers outstanding craft classes! Last evening we made a dragon boat woven holiday ornament. This is how mine turned out.

These were examples in class:

As always, everything we needed greeted us on the table: colorful instructions, a dragon boat template, crochet cotton, tapestry needle, tape, and craft glue. We used crochet cotton, although embroidery floss, or a mix of novelty yarns could be used as well. 

We watched a video before we started to show us how to make the ornaments.

Some of the work was already done for us because our instructors knew that we would need all the time in the class to weave the ornaments.

Here's a fabulous tip: use a bottle of something like glue to put your string around so that it won't get tangled. It worked like a dream.

We taped the hanger and tassel that were pre-made for us before folding the template.

It was so neat to watch the design emerge.

It took 2 hours to do this! It was such a neat technique to learn! 

Last time we were given the supplies to plant tomato plants.

Many thanks to the Hamilton East Public Library. Looking forward to more exciting classes that are on my calendar!


  1. Patty, What wonderful fun. I like all of the ones you showed. Hope your tomato plant is doing well. We have some green tomatoes on the vine. Already picked some peppers. I grew them in a flower pot. :) Blessings to you, stay cute honey, xoxo, Susie

  2. I like these things so natty.

  3. adorable ornament - looks time consuming, but so unique!

  4. This is so pretty, it would look awesome in bunches in a tree too!


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