Monday, October 2, 2017

Builders Home Tour

Each year toward the end of September, there is a builders home tour in my area. Do you enjoy looking at the latest home building and decorating ideas? I sure do! Even though we just moved, I was interested to see if I could pick up an idea or two for my new house. Let me show you what I found.

Before I started the tour, I told my friend that I was going to see how many barn doors I could find. We have one in our new house and they seem to be really popular now. On my journey, I found 9 barn doors in the 5 homes that were on the tour. I didn't realize there were so many styles of barn doors, even on a piece of furniture. 

Here are some walls and decorations I really liked.

And adorable nooks.

I have never thought about a butterfly theme for a room, but how fun is this!

Here is some wall art that I especially liked.

I see these shaped frames at Hobby Lobby, but never would have thought to group them together like this!

I love these 3 pictures in a bathroom.

I loved the texture on the walls!

And can you imagine having a spa in your basement? We came across two...

as well as professional-looking exercise rooms enclosed in glass, just like you would see at a hotel.

Two interesting features included this wrap around bench near the laundry room...

and circular dining table right in the middle of a kitchen.

Most of the views from the back of the houses consisted of water which were very refreshing.

Here is an amazing pantry.

One basement had this really neat simple square room. Oh, what a lovely creative space it would make!

We saw beautiful landscaping

and children's closets that doubled as playrooms.

I took this photo because I have always had a small wire sculptured bicycle propped in my laundry rooms.

I thought this was clever, using white mesh to give the illusion of bubbles in a bathtub.

Here are two ideas that I think I can use in my home: random hooks on the wall and

a towel rack like you would find in a hotel.

And finally, I found The Incredible Hulk!

It's interesting to see the changes in home ideas throughout the years. I blogged about the 2015 home tour here. If you enjoy decorating like me, I hope that this blog post will give you some inspiring ideas for your home. 

I love this arrangement of hydrangeas and roses.


  1. Patty, You are so darn cute. I loved you with the Hulk. LOL. Thanks for this tour. I really liked lots of those ideas. The pantry, the playroom in the closet. Perfect for keeping the kids bed area clean. Blessings for a great week, xoxo, Susie

  2. So many ideas and themes. I remember when we were building our home visiting sommany others. SUCH a good idea!!

  3. Patty- I LOVE to do model home tours. I can usually find at least one idea I can implement. We saw a round banquette in a kitchen a few years ago in a model home in FL and I thought it was really a cute idea. It might have been in Celebration, FL. When I used to visit my girlfriend in FL the boys would take off and she and I would do model homes all day long. lol

    I love several of the ideas you featured here.xo Diana

  4. Yes, the flowers are so pretty! I really like the white frames in the bathroom also. I would not have thought about putting the different shapes together like that. I tend to decorate country and comfy so most decorating now is not like that. Nancy

  5. Hi Patty, such great ideas. I love looking at model homes for inspiration.Cute photo of you and the Hulk.

  6. Thanks for taking us along Patty! Love that newspaper wall! And also the spa in the basement idea! Hmmmmm! LOL!

  7. I have not been reading blogs much lately so I missed that you have moved. Are you in the same town?

    I love that wrap around bench.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to share these pretty homes with us! And Yes!!! I would like a spa in my basement. Sign. Me. Up!

  9. So glad you came by today so I could come by and catch up with you too. So happy you have gotten into a new place Patty. These homes are all so pretty.

  10. How fun! Going to home tours is my favorite thing to do.

    We just moved into our house in June and we have a barn door. :)


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