Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hiking Historic Irvington

I've been wanting to get back into walking with the Indianapolis Hiking Club. I've joined them many times in the past, but life got in the way. It's a great way to get exercise. Not only that, but you get to meet really nice people, learn from them and see beautiful neighborhoods. Sometimes we have lunch together afterward.

The way the hiking schedule works, is a hike will usually occur each week for a month. When checking the hiking schedule, I noticed that an Irvington hike was taking place 4 times in May. Two of them had already passed, but I was able to make it to the last two hikes. So I'm happy to say that the Irvington hikes got me started again. 

Dan and I have roots in Irvington where we purchased our very first home in 1978. I always enjoy seeing our first home and reminiscing about our early married life there. What else do I like about Irvington? The quaintness of the neighborhood; the winding roads; the huge trees that make me want to be a kid again and climb them; the camellia, mulberry, honeysuckle bushes and the clovers that bring me back to when I tied them into necklaces; the unique homes, many of them with touches of whimsy. I could go on and on, but meanwhile, here are some photos I took during our hike.

Irvington is a very welcoming place.

And patriotic.

Look at this adorable home with touches of red.

I saw many wonderful arches. Wouldn't you love to relax on this breezeway porch?

There's a farm with some land and a horse, dog and chickens.

We turned down Arlington and got onto the Pennsy Trail, which is where the Pennsylvania Railroad once traveled.

Circular designs that connected paths intrigued me.

I enjoyed looking at the foliage...

the mulberry bushes in the top left photo below and honeysuckles on the right. I remember as a kid licking the honeysuckle blossom after pulling out the top.

We got to the bridge above the highway.

You can see the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD letters along the fencing.

We turned around and headed back to Arlington and walked down to Beechwood Ave where we saw the Kile Oak tree that is 300-400 years old. 

Continuing on our hike, we walked on my old street. Doesn't this look inviting?

Here's looking south down my old street...

and here is our first home. I often dream about the floor plan and how grand it seemed to us. We were so young and energetic and wanted to rennovate it. We did a few things to it over the couple years we were there before we were transferred to Pittsburgh PA. I was happy about that because we were overwhelmed with all the work. I'm glad to see others have provided tender loving care to this great house.

There is a fountain on a circular little park with a statue of Washington Irving for whom the town of Irvington was named.

After the hikes, we ate lunch at the Mug restaurant. I would highly recommend it, as well as hiking through Irvington. I look forward to my upcoming hikes and others that will be offered in Irvington.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Patty! I felt like I enjoyed the hike with you!

  2. Sweet young Patty, so good to read you are walking. I truly love to, but I have arthritis in my ankles , so I don't do too much walking. I wish you and my daughter , who lives in Carmel , could get together to walk. She loves a lot of the same things as you. Keep up the good work. I always tell young kids, "Don't do drug, brush your teeth all the time, and run while you can. " I loved the houses and the one that was yours is a sweet home. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. What a fun place. I love the homes in your old neighborhood it reminds me of the neighborhood we live now. Just one cute and quaint house after another. Loved seeing your first home. What a great place. I bet it made you feel good to see that the present owners are keeping it up. Have a great week.


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