Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Happy List

Father's Day was so much fun! Ashleigh and her dog, Tangerine, came over for the afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Antle

Ashleigh gave Dan the movie "Step Brothers" and we laughed our heads off while watching it. I cooked a meal for Dan for once. I felt bad for him that he had just returned from China the evening before and was pretty tired from the trip. I would have cooked anyway, really! 

I made "beef tenderloin" stir fry and blackberry jam cake (the cake - my MIL's old recipe from scratch).

I ran out and purchased some things for Tangerine's visit. I bought her a sun dress, a star and lovey baby toy, treats and a bed to lie on. She had a great time playing with the toys and tearing the squeakers out of them. What a good sport she was wearing the sun dress! It was so much fun to watch her!

For someone who was deathly afraid of dogs from an age 5 dog bite, I sure am enjoying this dog.


Moving along, I helped Karen organize the storeroom at the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville. It's always interesting to be a part of this process. While we were thinking about themes for the booth we found that there was an abundance of kitchen items. So while kitchen was our main theme, we are working on baby and other themes for the booth.

Karen gave me this woof! jar - for you can imagine who! I put it on the bottom shelf in the kitchen after I gave Tangerine a biscuit from it. She sniffed at it all afternoon wanting more!

There were a stack of local high school T-shirts in a pile in the storeroom and the thought of sewing them into totes came to my mind. Have you ever done that? I quickly made their transformation and will be taking them to the booth to sell. They are very easy to make! I used this video but you have to wait until it's almost over to see the tutorial part. There are many sites with instructions on the web - just search for t-shirts into totes and you will get many hits. There are several variations of how to make them.


I took an envelope punchboard class with Karen at Palette & Paper, which is located in Fortville. 

We made a lined envelope, a larger envelope to hold stationery, boxes, ribbons, an index card holder, a bookmark and a little envelope that holds candy. I found that business cards fit into the little envelope too. 


I'm enjoying making things for my Etsy Shop.

I completed writing in my Birdsong journal I made for my recent art retreat.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jolene of With A Little Help From My Friends blog, sent me this photo of the graduation banner I made for her. Thank you Jolene for sharing this with me. So glad your son had a fabulous graduation party!

Well, that's my June happy list!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Trip to Kansas: Karla Nathan's Birdsong No. 5

I felt honored to be a part of Karla Nathan's Birdsong art retreat this year. This was my third major event (I blogged about the first two here, here and here.)  If you haven't met Karla, you can read about her on her blog, Karla's Cottage. Caution: only go there if you have a big chunk of time because you won't want to leave. I was most excited to see Karla's art studio firsthand. As her studio has been featured in many magazines, I wanted to see it for myself and feel the presence of all the vintage goodness. I wanted to know if it was beautiful as in the publications - and YES YES YES it was!!!

Karla likes fairies which are abundant in her art studio. And she lovingly refers to her granddaughters as "grandfairies."

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Bahamas No. 3

This was our third trip to The Bahamas. Our first visit was in 2006 when we accompanied our son during spring break of his senior year in high school. Back in our day, we went to the Florida coast for our spring break, but our son and friends chose The Bahamas. Imagine that...we told him that we would gladly be chaperones for the trip! We had such a great time on Paradise Island! We stayed at the Atlantis Royal Towers when they were brand new. The Reef and the Cove hadn't been built yet. The last two times we stayed at the Cove Atlantis. I wrote about our last trip in 2013 here.

This mosaic of photos were taken from the cabana where we met up with our friends and spent most of our days at the Cove. It rained the first three days on and off, but that was okay with me. One of my favorite parts of the trip was looking at the gorgeous colors of the water in the ocean. Another favorite was how well the staff pampered us.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Happy List

Besides Spring that brings sunshine and flowers, there have been some other things to add to my May happy list.

Mother's Day was very enjoyable, spent with our daughter, Ashleigh. She came over bearing flowers, a framed canvas of my granddog (her dog, Tangerine) and a Michaels gift card from our son and family in California. Dan joined us for brunch and then Ash and I got our nails done and we shopped at Old Navy. We were surprised when we saw that the nail salon was jammed with clients. They said it's like that every Mother's Day. Who would have known? 

Later in the week, a friend of Ashleigh's came to her house and gave us facials. Besides the facial, it was a delight to watch Ashleigh interact with her friend: two beautiful young women who value their friendship.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tea Anyone?

My friend, Anita, and I attended our third fabulous Downton Abbey tea in Kokomo, Indiana. It was hosted by the Howard County Historical Society & Kokomo Public Library, and was held at Elite Banquet & Conference Center on Lafountain Street.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sewing Paper and Cloth Banners

How are you doing? I've made a couple of new things lately and didn't make the connection until I started writing this post that they are both banners that were made with my sewing machine. 

Actually, the first one is a garland. I've seen die cuts sewn together and have been wanting to experience making one myself. I haven't sewn paper very much with my sewing machine so I was a bit skeptical about the results of this project. I started with two different shades of pink card stock, then punched the butterfly shapes and finally stitched them together at a 3 inch interval. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with my butterfly garland! Here they are strung on an old lamp base for you to see. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April's Happy List

It's time for another happy list. 

1. I'm starting off with Ashleigh's latest commissioned charcoal drawing. Her work always makes me happy and I know the mother of this beautiful baby is happy to have it. It always amazes me how she captures things like blankets and hair.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girls' Weekend in Fairhope, Alabama

I just returned from a girls' weekend in Fairhope, Alabama with my southern friends, Becky and Missy. Becky, who lives in Fairhope, invited Missy and me to spend a few days with her so that we could make some neat things and attend the annual Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival.

The three of us met two years ago at an art retreat and have kept in contact via Facebook. Becky and I had gotten together a couple times to create things and were very excited that Missy could join us this time.

We had a blast. We named our visit "Fairhope Fun" which was an appropriate title. I made journals for everyone so we could remember all of the fun things we did. Becky and Missy LOVE the colors pink and aqua so I used these graphics for the journals. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Irish Vignette

I have a little spot in our kitchen where I like to place seasonal vignettes. I was happy to find this vintage doll dressed in a shamrock dress and the little guy playing the accordion.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Happy List: California, Spain & Indiana

1. Having a husband who has business in California and a son and family who live there is a good thing - especially during the month of February when it is very cold back in the midwest! I got to travel there while Dan did his business and visit with our family. Our little grandson was just adorable and entertaining! Good times! We stayed a few nights at the Ayres Hotel as it is close to Dan's office. I wrote about this hotel last year here.