Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sprucing Up the Logan Village Mall Booth

When I retired last year from nursing I had no idea I would be having so much fun helping stock and display my wares at a booth in an antique mall.

Karen, who runs the booth, made the Halloween and witch laundry banner. I made the one with the moons.

I took in the 1950's metal doll house I painted to hold some of my treasures.

My handmade greeting cards have been very popular and good sellers.

I enjoy working with Karen and Shannon on the booth.

I am learning from these talented women how to display things.

It's fun working with women who have the same interests as me.

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Fountain Square & Irvington

When Ashleigh asked me to join her in having a booth at an art fair called Art Squared in Fountain Square, I wasn't sure where that was. After she briefed me on where it was located, I noticed there was a Fountain Square antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide. It is called Days Gone By Antique Mall at 1028 Virginia Avenue. I decided to take a drive down there a week before the art fair so that I could not only familiarize myself with the area, but also to visit another antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide.

It's filled with many goodies including an entire room dedicated to marvelous vintage clothing and hats...

as well as dolls, dogs and a whole collection of blue and white decorative china pieces.

This golden lady was my favorite thing in the shop. I really wanted to take her home with me but I stayed strong.

It's a great shop and one I would recommend visiting in Fountain Square. I found myself falling in love with the place and was eager to return the following week for the art fair. 

As I was leaving Fountain Square, I noticed the sentiment on the side of this building. It gave me a little tingle of happiness.

Since I would pass Irvington on my way to the interstate, I decided to check out the antique shops in that area too. I have written before about how special Irvington is to us as we purchased our first home there 35 years ago. I visited the Antique Mall of Irvington located at 5501 East Washington Street and this is what I saw there.

I always love it when I see these antique telephone chairs. If I had a place in my home for one, I would purchase one. Look there's even storage for the phone book if anyone remembers what they are.

This is what I took home with me.

As I was in the lane to turn left onto the interstate, I noticed a Skyline Chili sign to the right. After making sure it was clear behind me, I quickly veered two lanes to the right to get a mound of shredded cheese. There actually are chili coneys beneath the cheese. If you are from the Cincinnati area,  you will know why I acted so impulsively.

I am so glad to be working on this project of visiting all of the antique shops in the Indiana Antique Guide. It continues to take me places in Indy that I wouldn't normally go. Thanks for reading my blog today.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Art Squared Art Fair: My Experience

Since Ashleigh and I had registered for a booth at the outdoor art fair called Art Squared in Fountain Square two weekends ago, I was a bit concerned about the Hoosier September weather. Would it rain, or be too cold? We had purchased a canopy but there's just so much a canopy can do during inclement weather. Well, as it turned out we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for the event as you can see.

Images of Fountain Square, just southeast of downtown Indianapolis

This was my first experience in doing something like this. I researched and prepared as much as I could, but I knew there would be more things I would learn. Here's my side of our booth with one of Ashleigh's drawings on the far right.

I had a vision to paint this vintage metal dollhouse to use as a display piece. It worked out very well.

The night before, I sewed these hankies onto a long piece of lace to add a little vintage pizzaz to the entrance of the booth.

A view of Ashleigh's side of the booth on the left.

What did I learn? It was a great experience to see how shoppers reacted to my products.  I sold a mix of all of the things I had there. It was the first time I used my credit card "Square" reader for those who wanted to charge their purchases. Ashleigh ran the charges for me as she had done it before. I was afraid I would make a mistake so I observed this time. I learned that the table covers were too long and quickly became a safety concern with the blowing winds. I needed to fix that. Since we had never had a canopy before, I learned from seasoned booth workers how to put weights onto the legs of the canopy so it wouldn't blow away. Besides that, I learned how to work with customers.

There were all kinds of things going on that day, including an art parade...

and musicians who had volunteered their time to entertain all day long were located all throughout the area. This photo was taken when I arrived before the event started.

It was a perfect kind of day for kids of all ages to enjoy the fountains. It was a very well attended event and everyone was having a great time!

Ash and I had a blast and we have decided we want to do it again next year! If you are ever in downtown Indy, be sure to visit Fountain Square because it's full of charm, and it has a great antique shop I will tell you about in my next blog post.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Greeting Cards from The Primrose Stack & More

Recently Michaels had a terrific sale on 12" x 12" paper packs so I treated myself to some. I really was low on printed papers anyway. I spent a blissful afternoon making cards with them. These papers came from the DCWV The Primrose Stack.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Snippet Roll Swap

I was invited to join in on Heidi Meyer's (Sugah Beez) Vintage Darlings Snippet Roll Swap. A snippet roll is a compilation of bits and pieces of vintage embellishments attached to a narrow piece of fabric that can perhaps roll onto an old wooden spool. It was something new to me and once Heidi sent me a link to see some examples, I got really excited about making one for my swap partner, Gypsy Rose.

I started out with a piece of old fabric 2 inches wide by 24 inches long, layered a piece of crocheted lace and sewed a piece of pom pom fringe on top of them. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Farmhouse Cafe & Tea Room

On our way to a recent getaway weekend with friends to the French Lick Resort in southern Indiana, we decided to see if we could visit some antique shops in the Indiana Antique Guide. Time is running out and I still have many places to visit in the booklet before the end of the year.

We found The Farmhouse Cafe & Tea RoomThe Flower and Herb Barn, and Old Stuff Antiques in Nineveh. They all are on the same grounds on Bean Blossom Road, just north of Nashville, Indiana. If you don't look closely, you might miss this awesome retreat because it is way out in the country and camouflaged by trees and bushes. You don't want to miss it though, in fact, you must go, because it was one of the best places we've been to in a long time and we cannot stop talking about it.

Dan & me in the Farmhouse Cafe & Tea Room - check out that colorful chandelier!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Art Squared September 20th!

Ashleigh and I are excited about having a booth in the Indianapolis Fountain Square art fair called Art Squared that will be held on September 20th from noon to 6 PM. Besides the art fair, there will also be an art parade and an art and writing competition. More information about the activities can be found here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Happy List: Being Creative, Healthy & a Recipe

I was excited to deliver my first custom Patty's Pretty Things order: 3 personalized banners for college students' dorms.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Kirklin, Indiana

Dan took me to Kirklin, Indiana so I could cross more pages off in my Indiana Antique Guide for my 2014 Passport to Pleasure adventure. Since this old Chevy truck was the first thing we saw when we arrived in Kirklin, I knew it would be a fun and interesting visit!