Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Happy List

Besides Spring that brings sunshine and flowers, there have been some other things to add to my May happy list.

Mother's Day was very enjoyable, spent with our daughter, Ashleigh. She came over bearing flowers, a framed canvas of my granddog (her dog, Tangerine) and a Michaels gift card from our son and family in California. Dan joined us for brunch and then Ash and I got our nails done and we shopped at Old Navy. We were surprised when we saw that the nail salon was jammed with clients. They said it's like that every Mother's Day. Who would have known? 

Later in the week, a friend of Ashleigh's came to her house and gave us facials. Besides the facial, it was a delight to watch Ashleigh interact with her friend: two beautiful young women who value their friendship.

Here is my mother with her first batch of kids (seven years after I was born, she had another three!) This is one of my favorite family photos from when I was little.


Another item on my happy list is that Dan and I took a trip to the Bahamas with two other couples. I'll share more about our trip (and my injury :() ) in another blog post.


And as always, having the Etsy Shop is very good for me. It keeps me busy using my creative energy which makes me very happy. I learn a great deal from my customers. When a customer wanted my die-cut airplanes, she also requested car and boat die-cuts. So now I offer all three! 

Also, I made the party decorations for a 60th wedding anniversary. I will write a separate blog post about it as my friend told me she would take photos of the event that I can share with you.


I have an art retreat called Birdsong to look forward to in June with Karla Nathan, of Karla's Cottage. I am so excited to be in her art studio as it has been photographed and featured in many magazines. This will be my third major art retreat! I will tell you about it upon my return!

Are you having a happy May? What is on your list?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tea Anyone?

My friend, Anita, and I attended our third fabulous Downton Abbey tea in Kokomo, Indiana. It was hosted by the Howard County Historical Society & Kokomo Public Library, and was held at Elite Banquet & Conference Center on Lafountain Street.

It provided another opportunity for us to play dress up and live in an earlier era for a bit. Besides the usual contest for the best dressed and trivia games, this time there was an auction of lovely hats that had belonged to Pat Disalvo, a beloved and noted radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist. There were many vintage hats up for auction as you can see! Also, there was tea and delicious food, of course! 

Ladies tried them on to see if they were a good fit.

On the table there was a photo of Pat with her collection of hats.

Ladies who wanted to be judged paraded around the room for a vote for best dressed Downton Abbey character. I just happened to snap a photo of the winner before she knew she was the winner.

Susan Tooley won first place and Anita won second place in the contest! They both won Downton Abbey jewelry courtesy of Palmers Jewelry, a local Kokomo jeweler on the downtown square.

It was a coincidence that Anita had just visited the Biltmore House in North Carolina and purchased earrings like the ones she won! So we traveled to the jewelry store and she traded them for a necklace after the tea.

While we enjoyed our tea and food

I'm kind of embarrassed by my plateful of food, but the plate was really small!
our friend Lois entertained us with her show and tell of Edwardian era items she drew from her purse. She didn't bring her flask this time (darn!), but she had us laughing as she offered us "filtered" cigarettes and when she applied vintage rouge. She said she was afraid she would get a rash from the aged rouge. Then she shared a photo of her identical twin brother (no one could seem to tell them apart). She topped it all off with a photo of her ex-husband and his hot secretary. See what Lois showed us last time here.

It was a fun morning. We heard this will be the last tea since the final season of Downton Abbey will be upon us. Maybe they'll change their mind though because I think Downton Abbey reruns will be with us for a long time to come!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sewing Paper and Cloth Banners

How are you doing? I've made a couple of new things lately and didn't make the connection until I started writing this post that they are both banners that were made with my sewing machine. 

Actually, the first one is a garland. I've seen die cuts sewn together and have been wanting to experience making one myself. I haven't sewn paper very much with my sewing machine so I was a bit skeptical about the results of this project. I started with two different shades of pink card stock, then punched the butterfly shapes and finally stitched them together at a 3 inch interval. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with my butterfly garland! Here they are strung on an old lamp base for you to see. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April's Happy List

It's time for another happy list. 

1. I'm starting off with Ashleigh's latest commissioned charcoal drawing. Her work always makes me happy and I know the mother of this beautiful baby is happy to have it. It always amazes me how she captures things like blankets and hair.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girls' Weekend in Fairhope, Alabama

I just returned from a girls' weekend in Fairhope, Alabama with my southern friends, Becky and Missy. Becky, who lives in Fairhope, invited Missy and me to spend a few days with her so that we could make some neat things and attend the annual Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival.

The three of us met two years ago at an art retreat and have kept in contact via Facebook. Becky and I had gotten together a couple times to create things and were very excited that Missy could join us this time.

We had a blast. We named our visit "Fairhope Fun" which was an appropriate title. I made journals for everyone so we could remember all of the fun things we did. Becky and Missy LOVE the colors pink and aqua so I used these graphics for the journals. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Irish Vignette

I have a little spot in our kitchen where I like to place seasonal vignettes. I was happy to find this vintage doll dressed in a shamrock dress and the little guy playing the accordion.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Happy List: California, Spain & Indiana

1. Having a husband who has business in California and a son and family who live there is a good thing - especially during the month of February when it is very cold back in the midwest! I got to travel there while Dan did his business and visit with our family. Our little grandson was just adorable and entertaining! Good times! We stayed a few nights at the Ayres Hotel as it is close to Dan's office. I wrote about this hotel last year here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Out and About with Anita

My friend Anita is always up for an adventure. I can call her anytime and she is ready to go! It's so nice that she lives close by so there is little travel time needed to get where we want to go. We usually stay close to home because there is so much to do in our town! For example, the Goodwill (GW) store closed and reopened a couple blocks down the street (even closer to me now, though it was close before!) We attended the grand opening and it was very crowded with people and stuff to buy! Everyone was so excited to be there!

It didn't take long to fill my shopping cart. We had these yellow dishes in our home several years back and I gave them to a friend. I never had the serving pieces though and couldn't pass them up.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Heart Challenge

My friend Becky invited Missy and me to accept a mixed media Valentine's Day challenge. We were to decorate a heart. Her inspiration came from the Artsy VaVa blog here. I wanted to use this photo of my dad and his sister for my masterpiece.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015