Monday, October 20, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Covington Serendipity

On the last beautiful Fall day in Indiana, Dan said, "let's go to one of your little towns in the Indiana Antique Guide." I chose to explore Covington, which is west of Indianapolis. What a fun day it was discovering Covington. There are two antique shops that I want to share with you today.

The first one is House With the Lions ANTIQUES on 314 Liberty Street on the town square. 

Many lions and mounted animal heads...

and dolls of all kinds can be found there.

I really enjoyed shopping here.

This is what I took home with me: old photos to use in my crafting, an interesting oval frame and a card of delicate lace.

Then I went across to the south side of the town square to Glorie Bee Antiques at 314 Liberty Street. 

Glory Bee!! Once in awhile I run into the proprietor who is very special and Gloria was one of them. I had the grandest visit with her. This is the first thing you see when you enter and I found it especially inviting because I LOVE dining room tables filled with fine china. The mannequin at the head of the table is the mascot of the shop.

The windows are intriguing with an adorable witch and original Wendy and Michael figures from Peter Pan.

I really enjoyed dancing around the store.

There's a lovely garden out back.

I purchased this beautiful paperweight that came from an estate sale.

Then we ate dinner at the Beef House. It seems everyone I am talking to has experienced this restaurant before me. Where have I been?

I've found a new place to take friends when they visit me: Covington & the Beef House. Look at the size of these rolls. Dan put his fist beside them to show you how really huge they are. 

The rustic environment makes you feel like you are on a retreat, away from it all. We really enjoyed our visit there and will be going back soon for sure!

We didn't make it to the shops in Eugene or Cayuga. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Trip to Chicago & Frankfort, Indiana

I recently got my Chicago fix when I joined Dan on a business trip. We stayed at The Drake Hotel. The late September weather that week was really fabulous. Chicagoans were relishing in the last bit of enjoyable weather. Some were walking the streets wearing T-shirts and shorts, and some bare-chested guys were playing volleyball on the beach.

There are always a few things I have to do once I step inside The Drake Hotel: check out the huge floral centerpiece in the hotel lobby (where soon an enormous Christmas tree will stand), marvel at the chandelier, gaze at the tea room cherub fountain and note any other fresh flowers sitting around. As you can see, the lobby was colorful and ready for Fall!

a close up of one of the cherubs in the tea room fountain

We had appetizers on the 11th floor overlooking Lake Michigan. Outside the doors of the Drake stood this pretty Fall vignette. Oh, and I always have to check out the wonderful Gothic style Fourth Presbyterian Church across the street when I'm there. 

I'm not much for shopping anymore unless I am going for a specific thing that I need or want, or if vintage things are involved, but I do enjoy walking The Magnificent Mile. I did so while Dan did his business. A few blocks from The Drake I came upon the American Girl store located in the Water Tower Place. The sewing supplies in the store window (thread, buttons, pincushions) caught my eye.

Aren't these pin cushions adorable?

These miniature petit fours also caught my eye. So I entered the store and stayed for quite awhile.

I reminisced about when Ashleigh played with these gorgeous dolls and accessories. Look at this ice cream parlor that is available now. I wanted to purchase one outright, but then remembered she is in her mid 20's and the only grandchild I have is a boy. 

Back in the 1990s I couldn't wait for Santa to bring Ash American Girls paraphernalia. This baby blue Volkswagon Beetle car would certainly have been in our home had it been available then. LOL

These are a couple of the dolls Ash had: Addy Walker and Bitty Baby, to name a few. I don't know where Addy is but Bitty Baby still looks brand new sitting in my creative space twenty years later. 

As I was meandering around the store, I texted pictures to Ash while she was trying to get her work done at the office. haha This is one I sent her since Ash recently acquired a dog.

Of course we stopped on the way to and from Chicago at the Fair Oaks Farms for nourishment. I wrote about FOF once before here.

We also stopped in Frankfort on the way home to check out an antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide: Simple Thyme. It is located on the town square.

Here are some things I saw inside the shop.

My Indiana Antique Guide came through again with another great antique shop.

Over the Back Fence is another antique shop on Frankfort town square.

This was an enjoyable getaway with Dan. 

Do you like to visit Chicago? Have you gotten away for a few days lately?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

French Lick Fix

We recently spent a weekend in French Lick, Indiana, with some friends. At the French Lick Resort there are beautiful rooms, grounds, good food, shopping and a casino. There are two gorgeous places to stay: French Lick Resort and West Baden Springs Hotel. I wrote about our stay last year at West Baden Springs here, so now I will show you some scenes from our stay at the French Lick Resort. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Greeting Cards

Having fun making Halloween greeting cards on this chandelier cardstock from a Recollections paper pack with photos and embellishments.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

iPhoneography Class

This past weekend I took an iPhoneography class at Conner Prairie (an outdoor living history museum), taught by Rad A. Drew. Since I have found that I use my iPhone pretty much exclusively for taking photos for my blog, I wanted to learn how to use it more effectively. Some of the things we learned in class were: using iPhone apps such as Snapseed, Bracket Mode, AutoStitch, Impressions, Vintage Scene, Retouch and Frontview; and practicing taking photos using the panoramic setting on the camera.

The most exciting thing I learned was how to edit photos directly on my iPhone. Instead of having to download my photos to iPhoto on my Mac and then edit them in PicMonkey, I can now edit them directly on my iPhone using the app Snapseed. That will save me a step. Also, I think this will save me time as I can edit photos right away instead of having to sit down at my computer and do it later.

After an hour and a half of class, we were given time to go out onto the Conner Prairie grounds to practice taking photos using what we learned in class. Conner Prairie was a great place to take photos as you can see. Here are some I edited via Snapseed.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House: Creepy Carnival

Oh My Goodness, as an Indy blogger I got to preview the Indianapolis Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House. And what a treat that was! This is an annual event and would you believe, I have never been to it before! I've been missing some good stuff! Even if you are not a child, you will enjoy it because it is VERY well done!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another Doll Tree

Last weekend, Dan, Ashleigh, Tangerine and I attended Earth Day in Atlanta, Indiana. It's an amazing outdoor festival filled with flea market booths and food trucks. One of the things I found was this metal doll bust with the word Minerva on it. I was told she was discovered inside the walls of an old house that was being remodeled. I immediately did some research on her and found that she is German and from the early 1900's.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sprucing Up the Logan Village Mall Booth

When I retired last year from nursing I had no idea I would be having so much fun helping stock and display my wares at a booth in an antique mall.

Karen, who runs the booth, made the Halloween and witch laundry banner. I made the one with the moons.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Fountain Square & Irvington

When Ashleigh asked me to join her in having a booth at an art fair called Art Squared in Fountain Square, I wasn't sure where that was. After she briefed me on where it was located, I noticed there was a Fountain Square antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide. It is called Days Gone By Antique Mall at 1028 Virginia Avenue. I decided to take a drive down there a week before the art fair so that I could not only familiarize myself with the area, but also to visit another antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Art Squared Art Fair: My Experience

Since Ashleigh and I had registered for a booth at the outdoor art fair called Art Squared in Fountain Square two weekends ago, I was a bit concerned about the Hoosier September weather. Would it rain, or be too cold? We had purchased a canopy but there's just so much a canopy can do during inclement weather. Well, as it turned out we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for the event as you can see.

Images of Fountain Square, just southeast of downtown Indianapolis