Sunday, July 31, 2022

Vintage Sheet Music Creation

The creative process is so amazing. I spent yesterday afternoon on this project, a piece of sheet music I had in my stash for probably 30 years. The colors are perfect for my home decor: green and orange, brown and black. I started with the wooden piece that is recessed in the middle to form a frame. After staining it brown, I applied the piece of music with ModPodge, then ironed out the wrinkles (but some came back unfortunately). Then applied another layer of ModPodge on the top to protect it.

I knew I would have to add something inside the frame to hide the wood because the music was a bit smaller than the inside of the wooden frame. I added a cream colored twill tape that was wide enough to hide the wood. Then I added a thin lace piece inside the twill to accent the white colors in the pillars. I used Aleene's tacky glue for the lace. 

At this point, I thought the project was a fail. I didn't like it. Some of my projects I like, some not so much. But that's okay because I use mostly Dollar Tree products so the waste isn't so expensive. I thought what is wrong with this? Then I found that the frame needed to be a lighter color, so I tested my 4 white paints to see which one matched the best, and Cashew, by Waverly was chosen. After I let it dry for awhile, I sanded the edges, then highlighted the edges with an ink pad. I originally thought it would need something to finish the inside corners, but I liked the primitive look of the trim edges as "they are not perfect". This wasn't a fail after all, and I just love it!

The creative process is very therapeutic for me. It relieves stress and provides satisfaction while doing something that I love. I have been watching Facebook and YouTube creators and they have inspired me beyond measure. There is such a nice community on the web.